is a site for network marketers where you’ll discover a little-known comp plan loophole that lets you build an attrition-free downline.

Some background on myself:

My name is Patrick Williamson and I live in Bakersfield, CA – a city that’s situated on the southern edge of the San Joaquin valley (a major agricultural center of California), 2 hours north of Los Angeles.

I started my online network marketing biz back in 2008 (a long time ago in internet years) exactly where you and where most other people have started: as a helpless, babe-in-the-woods newbie.

I started without much of a clue of what to do and who to listen to…

…I didn’t have the ability to fund my marketing education, training, and the actual launch of my biz at that time (I had to get my parents’ help for this)…

…I didn’t have the ability to buy advertising in order to drive targeted traffic to my website and offers (once again, parents’ help was needed)…

…and (most notably) without any marketing and business experience to base my actions on.

(positive, success-based experience, that is. Before coming online to build my network marketing biz, I made a bad investment into a family member’s doomed business venture in the clothing industry…

…not to mention going on an equally doomed cross-country recruiting spree for my network marketing opportunity at the time – hitting up numerous friends, family, and acquaintances over the span of 8 U.S. states – that didn’t result in any lasting success for the time, financial resources, and effort put into it)

The reason I wanted to go online to build my network marketing biz (after getting my nose bloodied in the offline world of network marketing) is because I eventually realized that the internet would be a much easier, much more effective, and much saner way to build it than in the offline world.

I was only partially right about that assumption.

The internet *does* serve as a powerful platform to market and build your network marketing opportunity.

What I quickly realized after coming online, though, is that it wouldn’t be much easier to build a downline organization in my network marketing opportunity on the internet than in the offline world.

In fact, it’s actually harder (in certain ways) to build a downline using the internet than building one offline.

The main reason it’s harder is because the learning curve to build an online marketing funnel is steep and the normal (flawed) thinking is that all your downline members have to learn internet marketing too in order to build their downline and to earn commissions.

After realizing how steep the internet marketing learning curve is, I started doing a lot of deep thinking and soul searching…

…along with some deep research into how network marketing comp plans work…

…in order to find a way to take care of the people who join my downline and to do my best to ensure their own success.

I wasn’t going to build a downline organization and fill my own pockets at everybody’s else’s expense like how most leaders in our industry do.

If I couldn’t build my downline in a way that felt 100% honest and that took care of everybody who joined me and helped set the stage for them as much as possible to earn commissions and achieve success, then I simply wasn’t going to do it.

I wasn’t going to retreat back to the (mostly) insane world of offline network marketing ever again either.

Remarkably, I actually did discover a way (via a naturally-occurring loophole that exists in network marketing comp plans) that let’s me take care of everybody who joins my downline and that gives them a powerful leg-up in their own commissions-earning ability.

I created a free PDF guide that reveals the loophole and shows you how to exploit it in your own downline-building efforts.

The PDF guide is a quick 5 min. read.

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Patrick Williamson