Build An Attrition-Free Downline By Exploiting A Little-Known Comp Plan Loophole


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My name is Patrick Williamson, and I began my network marketing journey back in 2008 where most people begin…

…as a helpless, babe-in-the-woods newbie.

Despite this handicap, I quickly saw that bugging my friends and family, using cold-market prospecting tactics, and hosting meetings and events where you spout the same motivational gobbledygook night after night wasn’t the right way to build a business.

So, I went online to market and build my business instead.

During this time, I did some deep research into how network marketing comp plans work in order to better understand what I was doing.

Little did I know when I started doing this research that I would discover a naturally-occurring loophole that exists in comp plans that let’s you build an attrition-free downline…

…earning you and your downline members far more commissions with far less work than normal.

I created a free PDF guide that reveals the loophole and shows you how to exploit it.

The PDF guide is a quick 5 min. read.

To get your free copy of the PDF guide, click the link below and follow directions on the next page:

Patrick Williamson