Build An Attrition-Free Downline By Exploiting A Little-Known Comp Plan Loophole


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You arrived at this site because you want to discover a little-known comp plan loophole that lets you build an attrition-free downline.

As you probably know by now, building a downline that earns you sizable, recurring commissions is an incredibly difficult task…

…one that only a tiny handful of prolific recruiters with super extroverted personalities ever achieve.

This is due to the 97% (and above) attrition rate that happens in everybody’s downline.

Attrition is when people stop their prospecting and recruiting efforts and quit their monthly autoship soon after joining your downline (usually within 1 to 3 months).

Attrition is caused by a few things, but THE biggest thing that causes attrition…

…something I realized after doing some deep research into how network marketing comp plans work in order to better understand what I was doing…

…is that almost everybody…

…even the super extroverted gurus who seem to have it all figured out…

…wrongly assumes that going after the higher ranks in their opportunity is the best way to build a downline.

Network marketing comp plans are designed to pay out the bulk of their commissions to everybody through team commissions.

Everybody can qualify for team commissions without having to achieve any rank beyond the lowest executive rank.

(in the binary-style comp plan, only 2 personally-sponsored reps are required to achieve the rank of executive and to qualify for team commissions).

By doing nothing more than qualifying for team commissions…

…and encouraging all your downline members to qualify for team commissions…

…you’ll go a long way in overcoming the vast majority of attrition that normally happens.

But that’s not all I discovered about the power team commissions has in solving the problem of attrition.

I realized there’s a naturally-occurring loophole that exists in team commissions that doesn’t just let you overcome the vast majority of attrition that normally happens…

…it lets you build a downline that’s *immune* to attrition in the first place.

I created a free PDF guide that reveals the loophole and how to exploit it.

The PDF guide is a quick 11 minute read.

I also made the font large enough so you don’t have to strain your eyes while reading it.

To access your copy of the PDF guide, click (or tap) the link below and download it to your chosen device:

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(if you’re on a desktop or laptop, click (or tap) the link to open the PDF. Then, right-click (or tap with 2 fingers) anywhere on your browser screen and select “Save As”).

Patrick Williamson